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Business Meeting Minutes


1/8/07 Tribes Hill Meeting Minutes

Members Present:
Bill Wisnowski
Marc Black
Mike Morris
Andy Craig
Iris Cohen
Susan Kane
Carl Knobloch
James Durst
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Alisa Amor
Laura Warfield
Mary Beth Kean
Rick Rock
Susan Lang
Janice Rost
Ruth Post

James called the meeting to order.
Marc motioned to accept minutes. Madhumita seconded. All agreed.

Old Business

Solstice Show
•James thanked everyone for their participation in and contributions to the Solstice Show. He invited members to share thoughts on the show.
•Susan Lang "loved the community spirit"
•James said, "It embodies who we are"
•Elby sitting in the audience said, "it rocked"
•Janice said, "It was more interfaith than previous years"
•Bill wished we had more time to practice.
•Rick loved the format, everyone on stage. He felt the interaction really worked. He suggested we might take the show on the road next year. He observed there were lots of new people participating.
•Laura thanked the group for giving her the opportunity to participate.
•Marc reminded the group there are 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes giving us more opportunities for shows. We briefly discussed the time involved just to put on one show.
•We acknowledged in order to give all more time to practice submissions should be made by September so we can have a set list by October.
•Ruth suggested appointing a program director earlier in the year.
•There are video links on the site to Hallelujah and We Will Be Together performances from the show.

Grant Submission
•We were not selected to receive a NYSMF grant. Rick spoke with someone at the foundation who said Folk Alliance's financials were a major contributing factor to us not receiving any money.
•Rick is very disheartened by the results. A discussion followed regarding how or if we should react to the results. Some suggestions were:
•Set up a web site to direct artist to the opportunities made available to them through the grants that were given.
•Perhaps artists should file a grievance collectively.
•Perhaps we should let it go.
•Laura asked if we have concerts to raise money for social issues. It was noted this might be a way to get grants.
•James reminded us we are still a small organization and that it is important for us to grow, to continue to seek out grants to apply for, and to nurture relationships with grantors for the future. We also learned we have resources we can tap into in our community.
•James also asked members to think about what they want Tribes Hill to provide.

Folk Alliance in Memphis
The following members are going:
Marc, James, Laura, Dennis, and Anthony
•James will have a table. He will put out some Tribes Hill stuff.
•The members present agreed to talk after the meeting regarding a Tribes Hill showcase.
•It was noted that the annual conference would be in Memphis for the next 4 years.

Folk Alliance Board of Directors Election
•We briefly discussed some problems Folk alliance has been coping with regarding recent audit inconsistencies and how to deal with them. It was suggested that the current board mishandled the situation and that this being election time it might be a good idea to elect some new board members.
•It was noted that the inconsistencies were a big factor in us not receiving the grant.
•Tribes Hill has three votes to cast.
•Mary Beth motioned members take the next month to review the candidates and we will cast our vote at the next meeting. Ruth seconded. All agreed.

•James expressed a gut reticence to take on something so big.
•Rick doesn't want to take on the work. He also doesn't want to confuse artists that we are a venue.
•Marc wants to introduce someone to run the festival.
•After a lengthy discussion Ruth motioned to introduce Phil Ciganer to Pleasantville festival organizers and to express our interest in continuing to manage the Merchandise tent and the Acoustic stage. Bill seconded. Members voted yes.
•Rick will e-mail Jim with our suggestion and level of commitment and willingness to participate.

Solstice 2007
•James suggested Sunday December 16 for Solstice 2007. All agreed it was a good date.
•Mary Beth suggested we continue our alliance with the Golden Apple Coffeehouse.
•Janice agreed to talk to Lisa Wenzel.

Non-Profit Status
•Rick asked where we are with this process.
•The budget needs to be prepared. Madhumita, Susan, and Mary Beth agreed to meet to work on this.

•Members shared some upcoming show dates.

•Mary Beth asked to consider updating the committee members
•Madhumita, Laura, and Ruth agreed to sit on the Merchandise Committee. They agreed to draw up some guidelines for selling artist CD's at events and shows and make suggestions regarding collecting revenue for selling artist's CD's. They will report back at next meeting.
•It was questioned whether just taking people off committees violated our by-laws.
•Mary Beth and Susan agreed to review the by-laws and report back at the next meeting.
•A grant committee could look for grants and write grants and perhaps be compensated if we get the grant.

•Mary Beth also asked about a campaign to get artists to post their own gigs on the website.
•All agreed this should be dues paying members only.
•Rick will ask Jim for new password protocol for member posting.
•It was suggested we need a webmaster.

•Rick said he would like to find someone to take on the role of director and be paid. We briefly discussed this issue. It was suggested that it is the role of the director to delegate and that this might relieve some of the workload Rick carries.

Susan motioned to adjourn. Madhumita seconded.

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