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Fred Gillen Jr. With Eric Puente

Fred Gillen Jr With Eric Puente
FRIDAY, JULY 1st ==> 8PM
7 Main St.
Tarrytown, NY

Fred Gillen Jr. is his work. As a songwriter, singer, musician, producer, engineer, and poet, he creates art with purity of intent, an open heart, honesty, and tireless dedication to craft. Part folk singer, part indie rocker, and part poet, he writes and sings songs about the human experience, honestly and fearlessly addressing pain, injustice, and isolation in his work, but also acknowledging and celebrating the hope in everyday existence. His work often tells the unglamorous yet compelling stories of the lost and forgotten, the marginalized and ignored. Veterans, drug addicts, and sick and lonely souls populate his songs and tell their stories in their own voices, yet the overwhelming tone of Gillen's songs and stories is one of hope. Gillen involves his audience and encourages participation, and his live performances are reckless celebrations of being alive.

updated: 11 years ago