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Pleasantville Circle of Friends


I picked up a guitar early on in life, mostly to accompany my singing voice. Singing was my first love. As the years went by, guitar was dropped but I continued to sing. With a church choir, a jazz group, a barbershop group, community theater. Twenty years went by before I picked up a guitar again.

Jim and I were comparing notes this morning, during rehearsal. He has a different story. He told me that while singing was his first love, he picked up guitar later in life. Our stories are different, as are your stories, no doubt. Some of you left your instruments for an extended hiatus, and some of you stayed.

This is what I love the most about our monthly song circle - always the second Friday of the month~! We bring our voices and our instruments and we make a joyful noise for each other. Whether we're left behinders or stick with its, our different stories blend into an evening that lifts me up every time.

Our 2014 open mic schedule affords us a rare opportunity to meet new people. The November open mic will be on Saturday, November 1. This will work out nicely for those of you who have a scheduling conflict with the traditional 2nd Saturday of the month. For those of you who can't plan a weekend of music, we have broken up the folk circle/open mic weekend in November!

The November folk circle will still take place on the 2nd Friday of November.

We look forward to seeing you this Friday, August 8 - at 8PM for our monthly folk circle.

Jody and Jim


Pleasantville Folk Circle

The Folk Circle is held in the St John's Parish Hall at

8 Sunnyside Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570.  (914) 282-2542 is Jim's phone number if you have questions or want to give it out to interested friends.

The Pleasantville Folk Circle is an informal gathering of musicians who want to share their songs with others.   We set up a circle of 18 chairs and at 8 we start the round robin. We have extra chairs when more people show up, There's always room for more.

All are welcome

We always meet on the Second Friday of the Month at 8PM for the Folk Circle.

Folk Circle-The Second Friday of every month.

Begins at 8 PM.  You may arrive a little earlier, if you like, to warm up or tune up or help set up.  Expect to put $5 in the basket to cover expenses including coffee, tea, lights, etc.  Potluck is welcomed at the refreshment table!

St John's Episcopal Church accepts donations of non-perishables for local the Food Pantry. You are invited to bring that abundance with you.


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