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Post Your Gigs on the Tribes Hill Calendar

Post Your Gigs on the Tribes Hill Calendar

Photo: The Almanac Singers: (L to R) Woody Guthrie, Millard Lampell, Bess Hawes, Pete Seeger, Arthur Stern, & Agnes ‘Sis’ Cunningham, 1941. Woody Guthrie Archives.

If you haven't already used our calendar to post your gigs here are the steps: LOG IN (top right corner of the home page) NEED A LOGIN? (top of page) Fill in the form and submit. If you are a member and already on our mailing list try using your email address as your user name also. SUBMIT. Enter your email. RECOVER. An automatic temporary password will be sent to your email. LOGIN with the new temporary password. Once you are logged in in the upper right corner go to Slab 500, edit my password and enter new password. Go to CALENDAR page (link below). Go to NEW at top of page of Line view(link below).  Enter information into form. SUBMIT. To see the posting you may have to REFRESH the page. PLEASE NOTE that you may need to request to receive "contributor" status to post and edit on the calendar. If you have any questions phone Rick Rock at (914) 564-9212 or  email him at

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